Mike & Daisy Valdez


Mike and Daisy were married in 1984 and have three sons, Timothy, Michael and Paul.

Salvation Testimony of Mike & Daisy:

Mike: I was saved on June 23, 1982 at an Evangelistic Musical Concert at Pines City Baptist Church in Baguio city, Philippines.  I just agreed to attend, as there was nothing else to do that rainy afternoon.  I did not know that that was the Lord’s arrangement for me to know the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.

Daisy: Daisy had been attending the youth fellowship because she was very interested about the Bible quizzes and games.  Daisy was 18 and I was 19 years old.  We were already dating for several months.  Just like me she had a lot of knowledge about the Bible but did not know the Lord Jesus as her personal Savior.  She came forward to trust Jesus Christ as Savior 2 weeks after I got saved.  We were both scripturally baptized together after another 2 weeks at Trinity Bible Baptist Church, the church that brought us to the evangelistic concert.

Ministry Training:

We both went to Bible College as first year students a year after we were saved.  We decided to quit Bible College and got married after a year.  We served in our church, Trinity Bible Baptist church faithfully where I was song leader, Bible study leader, youth counselor and often times preached for our pastor.  Daisy taught children’s Sunday school all those years.  Three years later the church voted for me to become the pastor upon the recommendation of our pastor.  I accepted the position for several months but later declined because I wanted to finish Bible College studies.  I went to Bible College and graduated after 2 years.  Daisy enrolled in Bible College after my graduation and graduated after 2 years.

Ministry Before the Mission Field:

While in Bible College, I worked as an assistant to the pastor.  I taught Sunday school, led outreach ministries and supervised the Bible college outreach ministries.  I worked as part-time supervisor in the Christian school and filled-in for the pastor’s pulpit.  After graduation from Bible College, I was appointed dean of students and taught in the Bible College.  After 2 years we started two churches and both are still continuing up to the present.  I turned over the pastorate of one of these churches and continued as pastor of one of these churches until our preparation for Cambodia.  We completed our deputation in the Philippines to raise our support in 1996 and 1997.  We arrived in Cambodia on May 26, 1997.

Current Ministry:

We are basically church planting missionaries.  Since we arrived in Cambodia in 1997, we were personally involved in starting or initiating the beginnings of four churches.  Other Ministries include:  Director – Cambodia Baptist Bible College (joint ministry with other Filipino missionaries), Training and coaching of Cambodian nationals who are starting or pastoring churches, Administrator – Academy International Cambodia (Christian School using Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum originally for Missionary children now expanded and accepting Cambodian children), and Administrator – Power of Grace Children’s Home (58 children).

Sending Church/Mission Board:

Our home church is Bible Baptist Church in the Philippines.  Our mission board is Asian Baptist Clearinghouse.