Mickey & Trina Cofer


Mickey and Trina have four children: Judah, Jonah, Jesse and Jaazaniah.

Salvation Testimony of Mickey & Trina:

We were both saved as children in the early 1970’s.  Though Mickey’s father was not saved, his mother and grandmother were genuine believers who were strong in faith and had a deep love for the Lord.  His mom read him the Scriptures every evening and took her children to church.  The pastor of the small Baptist church they were attending in the mountains of North Carolina came to their home to speak to Mickey about his need of salvation.  During that visit, when he was only ten years old, he accepted Christ as his personal Savior and was baptized the following Sunday.

Trina was raised in a strict Catholic home by her traditional Maltese father and converted Catholic mom.  But when her Catholic school shut down, she and her siblings began attending the public elementary school.  During that time, the Lord sent a Christian friend into her life who attended the local Baptist Church in her hometown.  She was invited to play at a church softball game, where an evangelist came and clearly preached the gospel to the crowd of young people.  Trina immediately embraced the simple and unadulterated message and received Christ as her personal savior.

Ministry Training:

We both graduated from Bob Jones University with Bible degrees and fine art minors.  Mickey attended a short-term missionary boot camp focusing on preparing for third world missions.  Both Mickey and Trina attended Ends of the Earth missionary training for closed and creative access countries.  They also were invited to participate in Jeff Adams annual missions training held in Amsterdam as well as the Discipleship training classes at Graceway, in Kansas City, Missouri.

Ministry Before the Mission Field:

Prior to marriage, Mickey worked as a youth leader at the Midway Bible Baptist Church in Brevard, North Carolina.  After graduating from Bob Jones University, he entered the full time printing ministry.  He served as a deacon at the Fellowship Baptist Church, while he and Trina both taught Sunday school classes, participated in weekly outreach and discipleship ministry.  Mickey ran a three color web press producing evangelistic and discipleship materials.  Trina worked as a graphic artist and typesetter for Majesty Music and the Fellowship Tract League.  During this time, they also opened Vessels of Honor Art Studio where Mickey produced wheel thrown pottery that Trina hand painted.  Over the next fifteen years they were able to market their work in over a hundred American Craft galleries throughout the US.

Current Ministry in Mongolia:

The Lord called us to use our bi-vocational training to begin a pioneer work in the restricted access country of Mongolia located at the north central border of the 10/40 window.  Throughout our first term, an outreach among Mongolian artisans allowed us to lay a foundation for a large-scale missionary endeavor in this needy region.  We have a fourfold Biblical strategy by which we are seeking to reach this nation for Christ.  The four cornerstones in the foundation of the ministry are church planting, leadership training, gospel printing and strategic evangelistic activities that can help establish cross cultural bridges and pave the way for the gospel in closed countries.  There has been a local church established in the Northern village of Hatgal, Mongolia and a Gospel printing ministry in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar.  An old Soviet Era factory property has been purchased and is being renovated into a Summer Youth Camp, Community Outreach Center, and Leadership Training facility to help reach the uttermost parts of Mongolia and beyond.

Sending Church/Mission Board:

We were ordained and sent out of the Winchester Baptist Church in Winchester, Ohio under the leadership of Pastor Steve Bankhead.  Our support is handled through our sending church along with several other missionary families who are serving around the world.