Jalat & Tiew Sirimontri

Carat and Tiew Sirimontri

Jalat began working with New Tribes Missions on translating the lessons for the chronological approach to evangelism by Trevor McIlwain in the late 1980’s. New Tribes approach to church planting involves intense discipleship and trusting the Lord to raise up men who qualify as elders in local churches. Don Craft, Sam Mattix, Michael Willis have played a vital part in discipling Jalat.

While Jalat was working with Michael Willis on translating the chronological lessons he became excited about sharing God’s word with his neighbors and friends. The result was that a church was planted in the town of Nakhon Phanom along the Mekong River. Later he and his family moved to the town of Kusuman where he helped plant another church in the village of Kusakoy. About a year later another church was established in Kusuman.

In the last two years another church has started in the village of Naa Laow, about an hours drive from Jalat’s home.

Jalat’s ministry has been supported for the most part by fellow missionaries over the years and from local churches in the United States.