Gary & Allison Hale

hale-prayer-card-front-proof-1Gary and Allison were married in 2000.

Salvation Testimony of Gary & Allison:

Gary:  I accepted the Lord when I was eight years old.  The seed of the gospel had been planted in my heart through the church and I remember laying on my bed one night praying for Jesus to come into my life and save me and forgive me of my sins.  At 12 years of age I remember dedicating my life to Him to do anything He called me to do, go anywhere He wanted me to go, and be anything He wanted me to be. Little did I suspect it would be in missions : )

Allison had been a missionary child serving with her family in the Dominican Republic.  When she went home to the US as part of a furlough she was challenged in a camp/retreat to recount her testimony.  The Lord convicted her heart and she realized while she had told plenty of people about Jesus in the Dominican Republic she had not personally accepted Him as Savior.  She accepted the Lord then.

Ministry Training:

Gary:  I have a Master of Ministry and Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Tennessee Temple University.  I have a Master of Divinity from Liberty University.

Ministry Before the Mission Field:

Gary:  I was not on staff of my church though I was involved as a young person. One of the ministries I helped lead and direct was an annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament that attracted unsaved players from the public schools in Huntington, WV.  That vision was birthed out of watching the change that God had made in the life of a cousin of mine who accepted the Lord after playing church basketball with me.  So drastic was his change and countenance in the public school that the idea was birthed to do an open tournament.

Current Ministry in the Dominican Republic:

Allison and I serve in the Dominican Republic.  I am the team leader of the DR Vision and senior pastor of Iglesia Bautista Evangelica de Macoris (IBEM).  Allison is the founder of The Palms Christian school and the director of the women’s rescue ministry.

In a nutshell our ministry is local church focused and discipleship driven – while God has blessed us with the expansion of many of our ministries, they are connected in some form to the local church, underlying our conviction that God’s plan is to use the local church to grow and reproduce disciples.

Sending Church/Mission Board: 

Lewis Memorial Baptist Church (LMBC) is located in Huntington, West Virginia.  Daystar Baptist Missions was birthed out of LMBC.  In 2002 I was a part of the original founders of the mission and still serve as a permanent board member today.