Don & Gail Craft

Don Craft2

Don and Gail were married in 1973 and have three adult children.

Salvation Testimony of Don & Gail:

Don: Gail and I are both from Baptist doctrine, Christian homes and we trusted the Lord as children, both at 8 years old.  Both of us trusted the Lord meeting with our mothers, confessing our sin and trusting the Lord.  Interesting enough both of us surrendered our lives to the Lord for missions as children age 11.

Ministry Training:

Don: I met Gail after my freshman year in Bible College and she and I studied together and graduated from FaithWay Baptist College in 1976.  And after finishing college, we both felt the call to go to missions.  We also attended the New Tribes Mission, Mission and Linguistics course finishing in June 1979.  We began our work in Thailand in March 1980.  In 1996 we changed mission boards recognizing the fact that the people and country in the northeast of Thailand were much more modern and it was necessary to change our ministry there from “tribal work” to national work.

Ministry Before the Mission Field:

Don:  Gail and I had always been involved in church ministry even as youth.  While in college, we were active as youth leaders and in Sunday School.

Current Ministry in Thailand:

We have two churches that we have started in the past 14 years of ministry and have been active in teaching in the Romprakhun Baptist Bible Seminary, administration of camps, youth work and evangelism and church planting using English classes to draw prospects.

Sending Church/Mission Board:

We are sent out by the First Baptist Church of Hazel Park, an independent and fundamentalist Baptist church in the northern Detroit suburbs.  Our mission board is Association of Baptists for World Evangelism and is a sound Baptist mission board founded in 1926 when the leaders separated from the liberal Northern Baptist Convention.  We are a faith mission depending upon support from individuals and like-minded Baptist churches.