David & Katie Gardner

David Katie GardnerDavid and Katie have two daughters, Chloe and Allie.

Salvation Testimony of David & Katie:

David:  I was born into a Christian family and had the opportunity of growing up on the mission field where I am now serving.  I accepted Christ as a young boy, at the age of six years old, being led to the Lord by my mother at bedtime.  God allowed me to be involved in ministry and receive training at a very young age.  I was involved in children’s, youth and music ministries, preaching and translating for visiting pastors.

God called me to the country of Peru at the age of eighteen.  While I was working in the United States, my father called me and told me he would be leaving the mission field to start a church in Alpharetta, GA.  It was then that God opened my eyes to the need for more men to pick up the mantle and see God work through their lives.  I surrendered to the Lord and committed my life to picking up the mantle and seeing God work in and through the country of Peru

Katie:  I was raised in a Christian home and had the opportunity to be in church all of my life.  At a young age I made a profession of faith but had many doubts after that.

I never could get a complete peace.  Because I had been so young, I couldn’t remember what I had done or if I had ever understood salvation in its entirety.  It wasn’t until June 21st of 2001 that I finally had all of my doubts settled.  I had attended a summer camp and the speaker preached on assurance of salvation.  At the invitation, a counselor spoke with me and showed me that I was not saved, and needed to receive Christ.

God began shaping my life into what He would have it to be. I had the opportunity to volunteer in the Prisoner’s Bible Institute for Rock of Ages Prison Ministry for two years before I met David in the summer of 2005.  I knew God was calling me to be David’s wife and help meet and go with him to the mission field to serve along side him there. I am grateful to God for his goodness and direction in my life and the wonderful opportunity to serve with my husband in Peru.

Ministry Training:

David:  I received my training through the Peru Bible College and the Our Generation Training Center in Alpharetta, GA.  I have had the opportunity to receive hands on training through growing up in the ministry.

Ministry Before the Mission Field:

David:  I have grown up on the mission field and any ministry I have ever had has been on the mission field.  I have been a teens pastor, youth pastor, assistant pastor, music director, translator, mission group coordinator, etc.

Current Ministry in Peru:

We are based out of Arequipa, Peru.  I am pastoring Omega Baptist Church and heading up the Peru Bible College.  We are focused on discipleship and leader training.  We are planting churches in Arequipa and Peru.  God is allowing us to see missionaries trained and sent overseas also.  We have seen missionaries sent to Burkina Faso, Morocco, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, United States, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Sending Church/Mission Board:

My home church is Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA and Macedonia World Baptist Missions is our mission agency.