Brian & Mindy Clark

Brian ClarkBrian and Mindy have four children, Madison, Hudson, Katelyn, and Stefan.


Salvation Testimony of Brian & Mindy:

Mindy grew up in the small town of Marshfield, Missouri.  She had the most traditional middle-America upbringing you could imagine: Godly parents, church every Sunday, good values embraced by some of the kindest people you would ever want to meet. It was at the age of seven that Mindy received Jesus Christ and committed her life to serve him.  At the age of 19 she moved to Springfield where she met her husband Brian; and in 2004 this small town girl found herself in London of all places.  It was here that she gave birth to four beautiful children. In addition to being an excellent mother, Mindy has assisted Brian in planting Crossroads Baptist Church. Mindy manages all the administrative and financial needs for This is London Ministries.

Quite different from Mindy, Brian moved around a lot.  But one thing they did have in common was where they were born.  Brian and Mindy were both born in St. John’s hospital in Springfield, Missouri.  And it was in this same town 20 years later that they would meet and fall in love.  Like Mindy, Brian also gave his life to Jesus when he was seven years old; and from that moment it has been his life long ambition to preach the gospel and plant churches around the world.  His father Gene Clark and his grandfather Clifford molded his love for Christ; but Brian’s love for teaching the Bible began with his Sunday School teacher “Doc” Hicks.  At the age of seven Doc got him teaching in front of the class and Brian has been teaching ever since.  In 2004 Brian and Mindy moved to London to work with Monnow Road Baptist Church pastored by Mark Jackson.  In July of 2007 they planted their first church: Crossroads Baptist Church. This is, God willing, the first of many churches to come.

Ministry Training:

Brian studied at Baptist Bible College as well as OKCU (University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City), Trinity College and Seminary, and the Shepherd School of Ministry at Graceway.

Ministry Before the Mission Field:

Here is a list of my ministry experience before we went to the field as official church planters:

Junior High director and Worship leader for Meadowview Baptist Church, Republic MO. Children and Outreach for Sunnymead Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK.

Worship Leader Checkpoint Ministry at Graceway KC, MO

UMKC Campus team leader for Checkpoint Ministry at Graceway, KC, MO

Evangelistic Team Leader for London City Mission, London, UK

Associate Pastor for Monnow Road Baptist Church, London, UK

Current Ministry in London, England:


The Church History & Goals:

We launched our first church (Crossroads Baptist Church) on July 1, 2007.  We started with just Mindy and I on our couch in our living room; and praise the Lord, today we have a thriving Bible-believing, Bible-preaching, Gospel-centered, Disciple-making, Church-planting, Baptist church where there wasn’t one before. Praise the Lord!!

The churches we plant will all be planted with the same mission: to share the gospel, make disciples and plant more churches.  We also want to help churches that are struggling.  We have way too many churches closing in London.  We supply preaching hoping to help them thrive as gospel-centered, disciple-making churches.

The Work On The Street:

The vast majority of our work is done on the street.  Twice a week we go out onto the high street (main street) and share the gospel with individuals (Mark 16:15).  But we are not just throwing seeds to the wind.  God has shown us how to make contact with people on the street and turn that initial conversation into several one-on-one meetings where we can open the Bible and lay out a full presentation of the gospel.  There is nothing we do that brings more joy.

Making Disciples:

Then we take those we reach and we teach them to do the same.  We disciple people to be fishers of men (Matt 4:19).  We do this at our Sunday gathering as well as our mid- week Bible studies.  But the heart of everything we do is one-on-one discipleship.

The London Campaign:

Every June we invite mission teams to come and join us on the streets of London for an intensive evangelistic effort.  One of the great benefits of the city of London is that it is the perfect place to make missionaries.  If we want to make missionaries then we have to get people on the field.  I believe the London Campaign is the perfect way to expose your church to the mission and enable them to get their hands dirty doing real church planting work in an international setting, making contact with the world with no language barrier.  We have designed it so that anyone can participate regardless of experience or Bible knowledge.

Sending Church/Mission Board:

Our Sending Church is Fellowship Baptist Church in Borger, Texas, pastored by Shawn Dunigan.

Our Clearinghouse is Central Missionary Clearinghouse, which you can find at