A Note from Pastor Jeff

I am very excited about this year’s REACH Missions Conference. The conference serves to expand our vision for the world and our part in helping REACH it. The Bible tells us to “lift up (our) eyes and look on the fields for they are white already to harvest.” (John 4:35) We can begin to do that this week right here from New Philadelphia by simply “looking” at what God is doing through our missionary guests.

If we PRAY, I believe God will WORK. Will you pray with us for the following things?

• Pray for God to speak to us and work in our hearts this week.
• Pray for our guest speaker, Alan Shelby, to have God’s power to share God’s word with us.
• Pray for our missionaries guests – this week and regularly. Teach your family to pray for missionaries and for world evangelism.
• Pray systematically for countries and regions of the world that are in great need.
• Pray for God to get the gospel to new areas.
• Pray that God will use FBC to give $225,000 towards world evangelism this year.
• Pray about what God would have you give to help SEND others who are willing to GO.
• Pray that God would speak to some people and ask them to surrender their lives to serve as career missionaries.
• Pray about what God would have you, specifically, to do to help fulfill the Great Commission in our generation.

If we are going to REACH the world, we have to STRETCH… just a little more outside our comfort zone. Yes, it’s a sacrifice, but what other cause is more worthy of your sacrifice?

Yours for souls,
Pastor Jeff